I Want Cable to Die

I want it so bad that I, like many in the high-tech space, get way too excited about the latest gadget or service that claims to be the cable killer. Ultimately, this is what happens. And cable lives on.

That is because cable isn’t really a bad product. It’s the same as it was 40 years ago, largely, because the model works. What is easier than sitting on your sofa and getting spoon fed entertainment? You barely even have to think about what you want, you can just press one button with one finger until you find something in the hundreds of channels available. It doesn’t even have to be your favorite thing, because to find it required so little work. 

As it does with everything, the internet is disrupting cable. But with such a low threshold to compete with, it’s going to take time. 

I’m an eternal optimist. So is this guy. Eventually, cable will die. One can only fight against new technology and changing culture with lawsuits for so long. Mobile devices like tablets and smart phones that get ever smarter and more useful (seriously, how dull useless are TV remotes?) are going to change how people consume entertainment and more. But I digress.

In the meantime,  the pay TV business is growing and people don’t actually want “smart” TVs. But keeping fighting the good fight. We’ll get there someday.