Two Marketing Emails that Worked on Me

Everyone gets dozens of marketing emails every day from stores that may or may not like, discount websites they may or may not use, and organizations calling with calls to action that may or may not inspire them. Here are two examples of marketing emails I received yesterday that not only got me to open the email, but actually do what the sender wanted me to do. The gold stars go to TripAdvisor and LinkedIn.

How to send an effective marketing email.

Exhibit A: TripAdvisor

In this example, the company deployed the participate-t0-earn-meaningless badges tactic with the subject line “Share your thoughts on your winter trips to earn your first badge”. First, it’s timely, referring to winter trips which made me think of where I’d gone in the last few months. That was nice to think about. Second, I didn’t even know I could earn badges on TripAdvisor, and my curiosity was peaked. I love immediate rewards for mind-numbingly easy actions!

So I clicked through, and the email asked me: “Go anywhere good this winter?” Yes, TripAdvisor, I have! And I only am two reviews away from earning a badge? Hooray! I can post two reviews in five minutes! I’d love to make you richer and your site more robust but advising strangers on their travel plans and earning badges for it!

Genius, all around.

Exhibit B: LinkedIn

Everyone’s favorite social network to shit on amped up the social aspect by telling me 17 of my connections had changed their title in 2011. The email even displayed thumbnail pictures of these connections and, by clicking on each one, I could check up on them. I could even send a little note to congratulate them and ask how things are going, thus 1) feeling like I’ve connected personally and professionally with people I know, thus feeling popular and like a successful networker in one easy blow and 2) adding more traffic to LinkedIn, giving them more success.

Everybody wins.


Anything to add?

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