Drunk on the Internet

For real you guys: I’ve ingested an insane amount of information today. Now I know what Baby Boomers talk about with “information overload”, except it’s not overwhelming in a negative way; it’s more like my head is full os so many thoughts and ideas and images that I’ve got this fantastic high going on right now.

Often, my husband and I fantasize about running away from it all to our own little farm in Maine somewhere or, my preference, a gorgeous mostly deserted island. I tell him romantically that I could survive anywhere as long as I had him…and an internet connection.

They say you have an addiction when your behavior negatively impacts other areas of your life. I don’t think I’m addicted (but of course an addict would say that) but if I was, Google Reader was my gateway drug. I love Google Reader more than any other web app I use. Except maybe Twitter. Between the two of them, I’m almost never out of something to read or see. When there is a lag – usually on Friday nights when most of the world is out and about and my nine-month pregnant self is at home glued to my Blackberry –  I whine about it to my husband, who helpfully suggests I read one of the books I’ve piled around the house.

But books are so OLD and SLOW.

Anyway, I’ve got just over an hour before a social engagement where I’ll have to talk to people face to face so I intend to ride this high out a little longer.

The hangover is going to be a bitch in the morning I bet.


Anything to add?

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