Twitter for Newsrooms

I don’t know if this is a good thing for newspeople, but I know it’s a smart move by Twitter. First, excellent way to get the attention of the people who are going do your marketing for you: newspeople. As this post from RWW so exceptionally potined out:

Twitter was able to attract more journalists’ eyeballs to its platform than anything short of an overwhelming disaster could garner. And it was able to do so in a matter of minutes with absolutely no news at all.

Secondly, this is a needed service. This wasn’t just a publicity stunt, and the RWW article did admit that:

Almost to a man, journalists wrapped themselves tightly in Twitter’s “how-to” as though it were a lifeline in a rough sea. And perhaps it is.

Twitter for Newsrooms IS a lifeline, and not just for all those old journalists trying to make sense of how to do their job faster and using the social media. Everyone is still trying to figure out exactly what Twitter is capable of and me among many others think one of the ways Twitter will become something like a utility is through its use as a way to spread and report on the news.

Twitter s going corporate, folks. It’s got a nice suit on and a smart-looking folder to put its resume and portfolio in. The cute little bluebird is still there of course, but he’s been a part of big things – tragic, joyous, momentous – all around the world and he’s here to stay.


Anything to add?

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